What are pensions?

Your pension is your safety net, it is what you are going to rely on to live in your later years, and as such it is extremely important to make sure you are happy with the advice you have received. Advice can be bad if it failed to consider your personal circumstances, if alternative choices were not properly considered, or if it simply cost you more money than you gained. If you are concerned about the advice you have been given, get in touch with our experts who can help you find out if the advice has cost you. Amongst others we have worked on Occupational Pension transfers, switches from Personal Pension to Personal Pension, SIPPs, FSAVCs, and annuity claims.

If you feel this has affected you, contact us on 01392 574376 or complete the request a callback to discuss how Rightside could assist you. Alternatively, speak to an agent through our live chat.

Pension Transfers

Have you been advised to move your Occupational pension to another provider?

Our Fee is successful is 20% + VAT totalling 24% of any amount awarded.

Self Invested Personal Pension

Are you concerned about advice received for a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)?

Our Fee is successful is 20% + VAT totalling 24% of any compensation awarded.

Free Standing Additional Voluntary Contributions

Have you received advice about additional pension contributions outside your workplace pension?

Our Fee is successful is 20% + VAT totalling 24% of any compensation awarded.


Did the Annuity you were advised to purchase take into account your personal circumstances?

Our Fee is successful is 20% + VAT totalling 24% of any compensation awarded.

Top providers we can help with

The Prudential Assurance

Scottish Widows


Pearl Assurance

Sun Life Assurance

Standard Life

Friends Provident Life & Pensions

Co-operative Insurance Services

Frequently Asked Questions

My adviser has ceased trading and I think they have gone bust can I still complain?

Yes, we may be able to obtain redress from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme on your behalf if you have the adviser’s details.

Will I have to pay tax?

Most awards are paid net of tax or in some circumstances free from any tax liability. We will advise you of the tax position of any claim so there will be no surprises.

What happens to any money if my claim resulted in redress being paid?

The redress payment will either be made in the form of a top up to your pension or a cash settlement may be payable to you. This depends on the provider and your circumstances at the time.


Pensions complaints submitted*


of pension complaints upheld*

£21 million

Total compensation paid for decumulation and pension complaints*

*figures based on FCA statistics for the period Jan-Jun 2018

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All complaints that we deal with can be made without charge directly to the provider. You can also complain directly to the Financial Ombudsman and Financial Services Compensation Scheme for free.