What are endowments?

Endowments are investment products and most were sold with the intention being to repay your mortgage. You may have invested into one of these without being told the facts. Many consumers were told it would re-pay the mortgage and provide an additional lump sum, however in most cases this was not guaranteed. Often the investment failed to even cover the mortgage let alone provide an additional lump sum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My endowment has matured or has been surrendered, can I still complain?

Yes, depending on when your policy was sold and whether the company who sold it to you still holds records on your policy. If you still have paperwork, this would be beneficial for your complaint.

Can I still claim if I have already sold my Endowment onto another party?

Yes, but we would need to know the value you received from the other party.

What is Time barring and am I affected?

Time barring usually follows warning letters issued by insurance companies informing the consumer there is a risk their Endowment policy may not meet the mortgage target and be subject to a shortfall at maturity. If you have been issued with a warning letter you may have a restriction on how long you can wait to claim, however under some circumstances it is still possible to complain after this time limit.

What if I am still paying but I am retired?

Continuing payments into retirement could affect your ability to maintain both the premiums and mortgage payments. This means the mortgage may have been mis sold as it has the potential to cause you financial hardship.

What about Savings endowments?

If you were sold a savings endowment but were unaware it invested in stocks and shares, you may have taken on a higher risk than you were willing to accept. If this is the case, there may be a basis for a complaint.

What about Whole of life cover?

Was the life cover policy you were sold was unexpectedly subject to premium increases or a reduction in cover? If so this could mean the policy was unsuitable for your requirements, and you may be entitled to compensation.


Endowments complaints submitted*

*figures based on FCA statistics for the period Jan-Jun 2018

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